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With the synergy of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardioestestists, the Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino can offers less invasive surgical techniques and the most up-to-date intervention procedures.

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Development of personalized electrical therapies

Development of personalized electrical therapies

Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino uses nowadays cutting-edge technology in the field of cardiac electrostimulation such as new generation miniature pacemakers (a few millimeters size) and implantations of small sized but highly advanced defibrillators.

Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino also plays the role of protagonist in several futuristic projects, which consists of the creation of mathematical models of the electrical activation of the human heart. These models simulate the electrical and mechanical heart function in patients suffering from different arrhythmias, as well as in those patients suffering from cardiac disorders treated with pacemakers.

This advanced modeling will enable personalized electrical therapy to each individual patient in the near future.

USI – Center for Computational Medicine in Cardiology CCMC

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