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Genetic arrhythmias outpatient clinic

Genetic arrhythmias outpatient clinic

New joint paediatric and adult cardiology outpatient clinic for families with heart rhythm diseases of genetic origin.

A collaboration between the Institute of Pediatrics of Southern Switzerland (Dr. Corinna Leoni Foglia and Dr. Amalia Stefani Glücksberg), the EOC Medical Genetics Service (Dr. Silvia Maitz), and the Electrophysiology Department of Cardiocentro Ticino Institute (Prof. Giulio Conte) has been established to improve the management of patients and families with rare cardiac diseases of genetic origin.

The new outpatient clinic has two major objectives:

– The multidisciplinary assessment including diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of paediatric and adult patients, members of the same family
– The transition of adolescent patients with a genetic heart rhythm disease from paediatric to adult cardiology

Synergistic collaborations with other services is one of the main advantages offered by integration in the EOC, and consolidate the commitment of Cardiocentro Ticino Institute to position itself as a point of reference in Ticino for the treatment of cardiovascular disease in all its manifestations.

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Genetic arrhythmias outpatient clinic
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