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3D echocardiography course

3D echocardiography course

Since its foundation, the Cardiology Service of Cardiocentro Ticino Institute has been proactively committed to postgraduate medical education. In addition to programs dedicated to physicians in training, the Cardiocentro Ticino Institute also provides more advanced training activities for medical specialists.

Offered continuously since 2011, the course in 3D echocardiography is aimed at cardiologists, anesthesiologists and sonographers who already have experience in two-dimensional ultrasound. The course takes place over a week and is organized by Dr. med. Francesco Faletra (Senior Consultant SHD ICCT – Senior Imaging Consultant ISMETT UPMC Palermo ) and by Dr. med. Laura Anna Leo (Head of Cardiac Imaging Service ICCT).

Dr. Francesco Faletra
Dr. Francesco Faletra
Senior Imaging Consultant ISMETT UPMC Palermo
Senior Consultant SHD ICCT
Dr. Laura Anna Leo
Dr. Laura Anna Leo
SENIOR Cardiologist – Head of Cardiac imaging

Dr. Francesco Faletra, Dr. Laura Anna Leo
To introduce cardiologists to three-dimensional echocardiography
One week (Monday through Friday)
How to participate
The 3D Echocardiography course is organized according to enrollment requests. The maximum number of participants for each course is 15 participants.

The course is held at the University of Southern Switzerland, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences – East Campus
Via la Santa 1
CH – 6962 Viganello
Participation is expected according to availability indicated in the calendar.

Subscription fee
2100 CHF. The fee must be paid directly online (PayPal® or credit card).

Course structure:
09.00 – 12.00 : Theory, lecture and case discussion – Dr. med. Francesco Faletra
2.00pm – 3.00pm : Discussion of clinical cases – Dr. med. Francesco Faletra – Dr. med. Laura A. Leo
3.00pm – 5.00pm : Practical lesson with Philips system – Dr. med. Laura A. Leo – Philips Technical Specialists

(Friday ends at 1pm)

The course can be in Italian or English according to the composition of of the attendees



The calendar is often updated with the indication of new dates.

Please note, the maximum number of participants per course is 15


Registration for the course is subject to payment of the registration fee via the PayPal® platform (with PayPal® account or by credit card)

For any problems during the payment and registration procedure please contact

 by Despina Tooader on Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino

I first attended Professor Faletra in 2014 in St Wolfgang. And many times after that. I was enthusiastic when I learned he would organize a 3D transesophageal course. This course was particular because of the high quality of information, clinical case presentations, and interesting discussions. It was an excellent experience for me and fully met my expectation. Many thanks to professor Faletra and all his team.

I am very pleased and Satisfied with the 3D course.

It met my expectations and I am happy with the experience.

One thing would improve the course is to spend half a day in the lab to see how to acquire images and processing them.

The course met my expectations. I enjoyed the problem solving approach. Good lectures.

 by Alexandra Lazar on Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino

Since I first attended a lecture held by dr Faletra, I wanted to be present at one of his course on the topic of Echocardiography.

The course I participated in was a rewarding experience. Dr Faletra taught us in his own particular way, not only how to understand the 3D anatomy of the heart but also he shared with us the very new aspects of echocardiography, based on his vast experience in this field.

I definitely recommend his courses and Dr Faletra as well as a great mentor!

 by Raluca Rancea on Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino

The course was great because it had all the theoretical 3D and anatomical information you need, but also the hands on cropping and offline reconstructions on real echo images. All the medical stuff was really nice and helpful, starting with dr. Faletra who himself taught us every course. The fact that there aren't many participants in this echo course (3-4 participants) gives you the opportunity to ask questions and have instructive discussions with the professor and the collegues. I highly reccomand this course!

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