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Inside this area you will find all the useful information that aims to make your stay at Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino more comfortable.


With the synergy of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardioestestists, the Istituto Cardiocentro Ticino can offers less invasive surgical techniques and the most up-to-date intervention procedures.

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In this area you will find all the news and information about the initiatives promoted by Cardiocentro.


MTE 2016

9th Interventional Symposium on High Risk and Innovative Cardiac Interventions
21st – 23rd June 2016


Course Directors
G. Pedrazzini, Lugano – Switzerland
T. Moccetti, Lugano – Switzerland
S. Demertzis, Lugano – Switzerland
T. Cassina, Lugano – Switzerland
M. Moccetti, Lugano – Switzerland
E. Ferrari, Lugano – Switzerland

Course Co – Directors
E. Fretz, Victoria BC – Canada
T. Lefèvre, Massy – France
F. Maisano, Zürich – Switzerland
B. Meier, Bern – Switzerland
S. Windecker, Bern – Switzerland

National Faculty
M. Arrigo, Zürich
D. Bettex, Zürich
P. Biaggi, Zürich
T. Carrel, Bern
R. Corti, Zürich
O. Franzen, Zürich
F. Eckstein, Basel
E. Eeckhout, Lausanne
O. Franzen, Zürich
O. Gämperli, Zürich
A. Garachemani, Bern
C. Huber, Genève
Ch. Kaiser, Basel
U. Kaufmann, Bern
M. Licker, Genève
F. Mach, Genève
P. Müller, Chur
F. Nietlispach, Zürich
S. Noble, Genève
L. Räber, Bern
H. Rickli, St. Gallen
O. Reuthebuch, Basel
M. Roffi, Genève
C. Röthlisberger, Biel
G. Sütsch, Zürich
R. Tartini, Zürich
P. Tozzi, Lausanne
M. Valgimigli, Bern
A. Vuilliomenet, Aarau
A. Weber, Zürich
D. Weilenmann, St. Gallen
P. Wenaweser, Bern
M. Zuber, Zürich

International Faculty
O.J. Atkov, Moscow – Russia
M. Bell, Rochester – USA
S. De Servi, Pavia – Italy
A. Galassi, Catania – Italy
A. D’Onofrio, Padova – Italy
M. Haude, Düsseldorf – Germany
B. Hennen, Pirmasens – Germany
J. C. Laborde, London – UK
A. Mebazaa, Paris – France
A.S. Petronio, Pisa – Italy
M. E. Sarano, Rochester – USA
L. Søndergaard, København – Danmark
I. Terzic, Tezla – Bosnia and Herzegovina
C. Trani, Rome – Italy
H. Vanermen, Pisa – Italy

Local Faculty
A. Auricchio, M. Araco, L. Biasco, F. Bomio, B. Capelli,
M. Capoferri, G. Casso, A. Del Bufalo, A. Engeler,
F. Faletra, G. Franciosi, A. Gallino, G. Moschovitis,
S. Muzzarelli, E. Pasotti, F. Regoli,M.G. Rossi,
H. Schlotterbeck, D. Sürder, T. Torre, R. Trunfio,
G. Vassalli

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